Border Crossing (poem)

I rarely attempt long poems, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because I think my style and voice lends itself to shorter pieces. I can certainly ramble at times (especially when I’m freewriting and waiting to pick up on the Cosmic Signal), but even those times are shorter than they used to be. Perhaps I’m getting better at tuning into the signal. Writing everyday–no matter for how long, but I strive for at least thirty minutes–certainly helps keep the portal open and my antennae in good order.

Yesterday, the phrase “border crossing” popped in my mind, and I wrote the following. I’m not sure if I’ll edit it and send it somewhere (not sure it’s strong enough for that, especially the third section). But I’m happy to share it here. Looking at it now, I don’t suppose it’s so terribly long.

border crossing.PNG

3 thoughts on “Border Crossing (poem)

    1. Heh…it’s funny you say that, it IS a tad wordy. It was shorter originally, but then I realized the other two sections were seven lines each. In cases like this, I never know if I should extend or symmetry’s sake, or leave well enough alone. I’m afraid my OCD tendencies get the best of me at times.

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