Hundred-Year Cave

Halloween has passed, so I’ve changed themes to something less spooky (even though the tone of my work remains sufficiently dark).

This piece has an air of Pan and the Lost Boys about it. It came to me after I acquired a record player, something I haven’t had in many years. That, along with the conflict I experience between my need for solitude and the desire for company, also inspired the poem.

Hundred-Year Cave

The sloe-eyed boys full of mischief—
I want a cave full of them. They’ll bring
me LPs and 45s from my life, and we’ll
play them forward and backward, as the God
of Vinyl and Cheap Liquor intended.

In a hundred years, an anthropologist
with gold-rimmed spectacles will discover us,
and we’ll tunnel deep into the earth,
blinking our goodbyes to the surface,
full of dark hope and subterranean dreams.

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