Missing (poem)

I didn’t sleep worth a damn last night, but at least I cobbled together this poem in between periods of fitful dozing.



I blushed when you died
and then checked the silver,
finding it all accounted for,
nothing filched by the maid
you never liked or trusted.

When I sought out your grave,
I found the headstone wavering
like a heat mirage–why is this
so hard for me when I have buried
you a thousand times in my dreams?

Later, I will steal onto a ship and sail
to some black land where I will make
a home and place a white candle
in the window for your restless spirit.

The days will rise and fall, rise and fall,
and I will remain unchanged, unfit, unwell,
memories of you playing in the empty
auditorium of my heart, echoing perfectly
against the scratched, well-worn walls.

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